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Temtem: Swarm on TemTeam

Releases Q3 2024
Temtem: Swarm will release on Steam and SteamDeck

Can you Survive the Swarm? Unlock mighty abilities and upgrades, find and collect Tems to evolve and become stronger, discover overpowered strategies, and battle massive bosses in this survivor-like bullet heaven! Play solo or online co-op with up to 3 players, building the wildest synergies.

Strategize, pivot, and prove your skills as you face off against powerful Tems like Gharunder, Yowlar, and Nessla. Choose when to tap into a Tem's full potential and unleash devastating attacks, defensive abilities, or power-ups that help you and your friends clear the map in one fell swoop.

Adaptation is key to surviving and Tems are built for it! Defeat the swarms to gain experience, level up, grow stronger, and unlock your final evolution. Collect and capture Tems to unlock their powerful Traits and unique Ultimates. Getting pummeled by Oceara's punishing attacks? No problem - use Ghost Mode in co-op to support your friends until they can safely revive you and rejoin the fight.

The ultimate test of teamwork and survival awaits. Are you up to the challenge? It's time to Temtem Up!

Last updated: 6th of march 2024
This page will be updated continuously as more information about Temtem: Swarm is revealed by Crema Games

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List of seen Temtem

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1/6: I bridge the gap between warm and cool, a harmonious blend of opposites. What am I?


2/6: Look for me near ancient universities, at dawn's first light, in sharp soldier's of green. Where am I?


3/6: Shards pierce my defenses, for they represent the harsh reality that can shatter illusions. What am I?

Mental type

4/6: I crown the wise and aged, yet sometimes surprise the young with a touch of frost. What am I?

White hair

5/6: When the light shines bright, I drape the world in vibrant hues, symbolizing both envy and growth. What am I and why?

A green Luma

6/6: Pick me at the beginning of your Temtem journey, and together we can unlock the secrets of the mind. Who am I?


Bonus Riddle:

I have two whispers and a silent scream, I guide your journey down a digital stream. I stand for more than just a single digit's worth, Connecting countless stories across the Earth. What am I?



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